A Tourist like any other


Growing up in different countries, I don’t think I have really ever felt like a tourist, even when I traveled. I may have felt like an outsider, at times, but I never felt it constantly.

The first time, I reckon, I felt remotely like a tourist was while I was walking the streets in Japan, getting completely lost in the beauty and unequaled style of the city.


Imperial Palace


When traveling to Japan, one of the must visit places is the Imperial Palace. I found the building and surrounding parks truly unique, well kept and fascinating in it’s own right.

It’s not often that one gets to visit a country with such a different architectonic style, if compared with western styles, where I grew up.

I believe that being immersed in a different environment, a different style, allows our creativity to flourish.

Serenity during Cherry blossom Season





Growing up, we have all had dreams of doing something or going somewhere.

For me one of those dreams rhymed with visiting Japan.

Last year I was finally able to finance my 20-day trip to Japan.

I was lucky enough to attend the end of the sakura season in Tokyo.

There is something to be said about the beauty of seeing a city shrouded in fully bloomed cherry blossom trees. It is something that is truly amazing and hard to forget. Not that anyone would ever want to blank out such a wonderful and out of this world experience.

The variety of blooming sakura flowers, was echoed by the variety of people, from as many back grounds, enjoying the seraphic beauty of the season.

Although I would have loved to linger a bit longer in Japan and discover its hidden beauties, it was not possible for me at the time. I do hope that I will be able to return someday.

Sunset After A Surf Session


It is great to just sit back, relax and enjoy the present moment.

After a long day of visiting the southern part of Lombok and all the surf spots we could find, we sat down on top of a beautiful green cliff, surrounded by other surf enthusiasts, locals and tourists looking out towards the last few surfers in the wave covered beach.

Behind them a blue sky turning  gold as the sun hides itself from us, taking the day light away and welcoming the darkness of the night.

I remember that on the specific moment this photo was taken, I couldn’t help but forget everyone else who was around, talking and watching the sun set. The colours of the light around captivated me and the sun submerged me in its warmth.

Reflecting Rice Fields


Having lived in Europe most of my life, I have never seen fields such as the ones I saw in Lombok. Most of them covered in water reflecting the skies above them are breathtaking landscapes.

A lot of these were rice fields worked hard by the locals.


Coming Together


When visiting a country, even though I am an introvert, I find it important to interact with the locals in a positive way. Whether it is by playing football with the youngsters, getting some surf tips from one of the locals or sharing a coffee with the elderly and learning about their history.

These small actions can bring us closer together, and allow us to learn more about them, their culture and definitely about ourselves.

Catching The Wave


The coastal town of Kuta, located in the south of Lombok is a surf town surrounded by great spots. Although not as widely known as Bali, I believe that this is a wonderful place to relax, take it easy, make new travel friends and surf.

It is an amazing experience to catch a wave. It is exciting at first but the experience is very peaceful. Catching a wave is comparable to taking your own life in your hands and just taking the plunge and guiding it to where you want it to go.

Beautiful Storm in Lombok


After 6 months of traveling between Thailand and Malaysia, I finally made my way to Lombok, one of  many thousands of islands in Indonesia.

I found myself in Kuta, which is an amazing coastal town surrounded by cliffs, green mountains  and beautiful clear water beaches.

I met up with my girlfriend in this coastal town because we both wanted to travel somewhere where we could spend some quality time together and also surf in a peaceful area.

It was not always a beautiful sunny paradise as shown often by the media, but even when cloudy with a storm, it was still possible to find beauty in the nature.

Dancing On A Wall Of Time

Dancing In A Wall Of Time

Dancing In A Wall Of Time - Full perspective

I kept this photo of this painting above a doorway apart from the others because something about it was special for me. The grace and elegance  of the movements of the model. The colours of the painting and background colours instilled on the wall from previous street artists and their creations long gone with time, only to be remembered by the many photos taken from tourists, trying to capture a moment when they saw something in a way that no one else saw.

Some ask what is the point of photographing something that has already been photographed, but the way I see it is, you can have a million people taking a photo of the same thing, and you will find that you will have a million different perspectives and ideas.

It’s a Macaques Life

 A Macaques Life

Penang’s Botanical garden is a beautiful and peaceful place.

Although the botanical garden is set on the outskirts of Georgetown, there are still plenty of things to see and visit nearby such as the Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple.

But for me what captured my attention was the peaceful macaques living inside the botanical garden and nearby.  When I arrived there, I saw what seemed like a park guard feeding these shy macaques with mangoes and other fruits. This allowed passersby to take a closer look and take photos them.

I enjoy taking photos of animals and seeing how some adapt to humans and their environment, or how what you witness is not always what you would expect.

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